Community works!


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Engaging and Succinct on points.

The Gospel according to Michelangelo, nuff said !

I initially thought this talk may have been preaching to the converted, but realised that attendance at a conference is but a part of being involved in such a community. Great way to wrap the conference and I look forward to seeing Michaelangelo talk in the future.

A nice way to finish a conference, nicely motivating and passionate, just long enough
and well delivered.

Came across more of a Keynote type talk, but considering it was the closing talk of the day, wholly appropriate to finish off the weekend!

Excellent work Mike!

I agree, was the perfect way to end the weekend.

was a good little talk reminding us that while learning new things is great, if we don't share them with others and get involved then we haven't really learnt anything...

I think I enjoyed this more than my team did, but as cynical Brits it's a difficult tightrope to walk when preaching the gospel of community love to us. I'll try and spread some around now I'm back in the office and convince more people to come to our local user group. Thanks for the encouragement!

Great talk. I always enjoy community talks but it's a testament to Michaelangelo's ability to inspire that I heard so many people after the talk muttering about getting involved and setting up community groups.
Way to share the love!

Good wrap up. Reminds that we all part of this PHP community and to "share the love". Peace, fellow hippies :)