Database version control without pain


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This seemed to be very much a talk about their not being any real full proof way of doing this, but gave loads of options

a good introduction to a very identifying challenge on versioning database architectural changes, was hoping on getting examples on the solutions presented, but at least it confirmed we're investigating the right tools.

job well done !

I liked this talk a lot.

Seems like the quest for database version control must go on.

Harrie pitched this talk perfectly, making superb use of visual imagery and humour to ensure that people were able to stay attentive on a talk so late in the day.

The technical content was also of high calibre and I was very glad to have attended this talk, it's a very tricky and difficult subject to implement but Harrie really did all he could to cover as much as possible and present some interesting tools to use.

Nice ideas and well presented. Had been hoping for a nice silver bullet but there wasn't one.

Glad I attended it.

Really interesting to see different approaches to this problem, though I'm not sure the 'without pain' of the title and the 'no silver bullet' confession are that compatible. I think the talk would benefit from an overview of how Drupal handles DB versioning, as out of the box it seems more capable in this regard than any of the frameworks used for illustration.

as part of a team that doesn't do any kind of version control on our databases other than hierarchical backups, I was really looking forward to this talk and I wasn't disappointed.

Some good ideas on how to implement a basic version control system and some tools we can use to achieve it.

well presented and got a lot out of this talk.

Interesting to see other approaches, which I intend to now try out, presented very well. Good talk.

Well presented, the slides supported the content well. I think the title was a little misleading considering the conclusions of the talk but it was nice to be presented with the range of available options.

4/5 for mentioning migration using Doctrine :-p

Pity there is no silver bullet, but plenty of options presented with the pros and cons of each. We've got a good starting point to go on with, so we can explore to see what will work best for us. Delivered with style and humour.

I thought Harrie presented this talk brilliantly, a perfect balance between humour and knowledge. He provided a round-up of current database version control utilities which allowed people to go off and look in to them, whilst explaining that no 'perfect' solution exists.

A good talk, giving a number of different options to look at while unfortunately confirming that there is no one easy solution.

We are currently using DBDeploy but will have to have a look at Liquibase now. Was hoping for further insight based on experience or best practises but it seems the whole db migrations with RDBMS's will always be a pain in the arse.

Good talk and good use of humour.

Pretty good talk, no definitive 'awesome' solution but several good options shown. Liquibase looked interesting, however, I think any of them would be an improvement over no versioning at all.

I was really looking forward to this talk as it's something that has caused our team considerable pain recently. It definitely provided a certain amount of food for thought even though the silver bullet doesn't exist. Funny and well presented too.

Very interesting topic, with some good things to think about in the future. Waiting for the video to come online to watch it again!

This talk was informative and gave me a few things to think about when dealing with database changes. Overall it was very well researched, although I was thinking throughout that this problem has already been largely sorted in Drupal but which was missing from this talk. Perhaps Harrie didn't have time to go through every solution, but it was perhaps worth a mention.