Debugging - Rules and Tools


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Very good, confident, and enthusiastic speaker. Lots of useful information, and a good mix of code, talk, and anecdotes.

Great talk, well delivered and targetted.

Very insightful. Excellent list of tools provided and relating the rules to real world debugging experiences helped solidify their importance.

lots of good info there! Loved the listing of some useful tools, I would never have thought to use. I'll have to add the book to my amazon list :)

Lots of top tips, thanks Ian!

Always nice to be surprised when I hit a topic I think I know well and then new tidbits come out. Some helpful tips on encouraging the scientific method on identifying and fixing bugs.

Quite interesting, enjoyed it a lot

Ian has the reputation of being a true professor and I enjoy the authority he brings.

Interesting talk, very relevant to me. I notice we use similar tools to debug our client's applications.

I found this session very useful indeed, a lot of great advice on how to go about testing our software and a few of the tools we can use to make life that little easier...

Every time I go to a talk like this, I actually remember (or am reminded of) one or some of the tools that were mentioned. Ian is a great speaker and delivered this really well.

I was a little worried at the start that this talk was going to tell me how to debug by following rules written by someone else rather than something Ian had come up with himself, which would have come a little too close to plagiarism for my taste.

I was wrong to think that though, Ian introduced some great tools, anecdotes and practical information that he'd picked up through the application of the rules that will help me improve how I go about debugging in my work and left me interested in getting the book the rules came from. Great stuff :)

A great talk full of practical tips and anecdotes, leaving me with a number of things that I should look into further. Ian is a great speaker who clearly has a great wealth of knowledge, so I'm enormously grateful that he shares it with everyone as I for one benefit hugely!

I really enjoyed Ian's talk, he conveys his thoughts and experiences really well and it was easy listening. A number of great debugging tools were brought to light that I'd never heard of, and after doing some homework, they look like they're going to be a great help! Very grateful for the talk.

Great talk, debugging is such an important issue and this talk gave a very good overview (and mentioned Xdebug too!)