Designing HTTP Services and RESTful Interfaces


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Funny and Informative as always. David's talks are always a joy to behold. URL Design really does require more thought by a lot of developers.

Loved it! Not only were you absolutely hilarious, but the talk content was also incredibly thought provoking. Still not a fan of the query string though, despite what you said!

Awesome, best talk of the day!

Cracking talk, and I really enjoyed the delivery style.

We're designing some REST APIs at the moment and there were plenty of things to take away from this, also good to know we're not making a complete mess of it too, we're using the POST,GET, DELETE & PUT, we don't have actions in the URL, but we were planning on having the API version in the URL rather than the media type.

Loved this presentation. David was funny and not afraid to be opinionated. Certainly, his talk gave me food for thought and made me realise I don't give enough thought to whether my URLs follow any logical or meaningful structure.

Awesome talk, clinically precise (very German), very funny (very un-German) and interesting material.

I appreciate David's determination and uncompromising attitude.

Talk of the day for me. David's sense of humour, delivery, timing, confidence and slide design combine to enliven what could be a very dry topic in the wrong hands.

I am not a technical person so cannot comment on the content,
however your presentational style I can say was engaging, funny and professional

The highlight of the conference. Wonderful content delivered with great wit and excellent pace. Very inspiring, I loved it.

Excellent talk by an excellent speaker. I thought i'd been using REST for years. Turned out "I bloody wasn't" ;-)

Contents were wonderful and very inspiring, jokes were also nice :-)

An informative talk that gave you lots of thought on how to design nice, consumable URLs. The speaker was very confident and funny, and kept you entertained throughout.

Excellent talk. Extremely well delivered on a very interesting topic. Really impressed with the charisma of the speaker and the pace the talk was done with. Good stuff!

Excellent talk. Very good contents delivered by in of the most attention grabbing presentation styles I've ever seen.