Developing Easily Deployable PHP Applications


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Good talk and useful info

Useful but didn't feel I came away with anything new.

like GingerDog has said above, I didn't feel I came away with anything that I didn't already know/use so not too helpful to me personally but some really good advice given and presented very well.

Perhaps I misunderstood what the talk was going to be about, but I was expecting more of a focus on easing deployment issues rather than how to go about sniffing server capabilities, how to write your code to be feature agnostic and testing on different platforms. Even though we only deploy our software on our own system I hoped to learn how to make deployment easier.

The talk itself was professionally presented and plenty of useful information, but the information wasn't really anything I can apply in my work.

I enjoyed the talk and I thought John presented the material really well. I must admit I expected there to be more technical content that I could take away and apply to my projects in terms of moving from development to production, although overall I found the points made to be interesting and useful. Many thanks.

This was an interesting talk and there's a lot of things that I need to look into further. I was slightly put off by John's tendency to fiddle with his fleece zip where his microphone was (causing distracting noises) and he also spoke pretty fast, but other than that it was good.

I didn't feel I really learnt anything here. I was hoping for something more in depth. I did think it was well presented and had good slides.

Was expecting more technical content to tell the truth. Then again there were useful lessons to be learnt.

A useful talk but probably aimed more at people who develop software products rather than applications. I was hoping for some nitty-gritty deployment tips on production servers. It was a useful insight into how a company like Sugar build their software though.