Framework shootout


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Very cool format. Marcus refereed well, kept it moving, interesting and on track. Only tiny criticism is controlling the overly dominant personalities on the panel - looking at you, Mr. Zuelke! Not sure if that's humanly possible though. Excellent way to close off the day as it got people involved when they're normally falling asleep.

Enjoyed the banter - great to hear people's sides, and there were very good questions constantly fired by Marcus who never let it faulter.

Late and tired to really shoot out anyone but still pleasant and relaxed talk. Perhaps techie questions to *all* of the representatives could have created more competition, as expected.

Microphone setup could have been a LOT better as unfortunately Derick and Rob were barely audible for most of the talk, however Marcus did a good job of ensuring everyone got a fair say.

I would say that on one hand it may be unfair to say that David ran away with the victory there but it's hard not to love a German in England who is willing to take the piss out of himself for his heritage! Nein nein nein! *bangs fist on desk*

Funny and entertaining, but I expected a little more.

Lots of jokes were kinda prepared. I did appreciate the honesty and openmindeness of the panel.

The shootout was nicely packaged, but the concept was already tried and not innovative any more. But, it's always good to see David in action :-)

For Marcus, if you moderate such a panel, keep an eye on time and make sure passionate people don't overwhelm the others (we all know who I'm talking about).

Didn't seem very interactive (with the audience). We were tired and somehow it seemed to drag.

Great way to end the conference with some lively debate, interesting perspectives and some out and out bitching. The debate was well chaired and the contrasting approaches and personalities of the panelists combined to form an exciting dynamic.

A wonderfully entertaining way to end the day. Taking questions direct from the audience with a roaming mike rather than pre-selecting them from twitter might have resulted in a more interesting session, but overall, a good selection of questions from Marcus.

Ok, so we had 5 people on stage. I believe Marcus had a lapel mic on, so why on earth weren't the four remaining mics on the table positioned with one in front of each representative? Rob and Derick sharing a mic made it very difficult to hear either of them.

Not sure I actually learnt a huge amount from it, other than it's Apache Zeta Components, but entertaining none-the-less.

I mainly attended this as good bit of banter is an excellent way to round of a conference and I wasn't disappointed.
I'll agree that the microphones could have been better placed, and it would have been nice to see a couple of other frameworks represented too.

For me, the best 'talk' of the day. Very entertaining - much insight gained. The conference would benefit from more events in this format.

I really liked the idea of the shootout. I didn't really mind David stepping up. More, I would expect the others to defend their framework more actively. After that I am more likely to look at Agavi. Really disappointed with Rob staying in the shadow really.

The downside was the mic, could really hear Derick and Rob.