Geolocation and Maps with PHP


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Interesting overview of the state of geolocation/mapping APIs, especially OpenStreetMap.

Great talk. Found the use of Google Maps & OpenStreet Maps with search terms and geolocation very interesting.

Are your slides and code snippets available somewhere? Would be good to have a play with it myself.

Good talk, interesting seeing what's available and what the different providers have to offer.

An excellent talk by Derick. The actual working examples showing how easy it is to work with geoLocation, but perhaps hid a lot of the complexities of working with map projections and different coordinate systems that a developer should really understand if (s)he's going top do any serious work in this field. With the recent opening of codePoint data by the Ordnance Survey, there's a lot of potential for developing PHP applications that build on local UK information, and this presentation gave some of the basics on how to work with that data and with the popular mapping APIs (including OpenStreetMap).

The comprehensive list of links at the end more than compensated for the necessary brevity of covering such a complex topic in such a short timeslot.

Good talk, and definitely inspiring for further exploration

Slides may need some polishing (here and there a summary or overview what is to come) in future editions

Great talk on a subject that's been very important to us at the moment

Great talk with a lot of interesting examples of working with geo data and maps.

Another engaging talk by Derick. Fantastic explanation of mapping and projection, which cuts a lot of the leg work out when researching the subject and I know will have saved me countless hours working everything out from internet resources!

Nice to see that we don't have to stick to Google Maps! It's nice to offer to clients as it's a service themselves and their customers will be familiar with but Open Street Maps would be great for an unbranded map or for doing more complicated things with.

A great, subjective talk from Derick on an interesting topic.

Excellent talk. I really enjoyed the alternatives presented to google maps. Found the idea of hosting sections of the data (for geographical areas eg Manchester) very interesting. Thanks!

Wish I'd gone to this talk :-( reviews sounded excellent.

Good Talk, Mapping APIs with examples were good.

I really enjoyed this session, the examples and details on the open street map api's will come in very handy.

A really great introduction to the complexities of mapping. I learned so much from this talk. The extensive references will help me to explore the ideas further.

An interesting talk on a massive topic, lots of info to fit into one session. Definitely something that I'll investigate further!

Great topic with really good examples. Thanks for pointing out the T&C quirks of Google maps. I hope I will be able to play with it a bit!

I was expecting a detailed and technical talk from seeing Derick's talks in previous years and he didn't disappoint. Every new slide was either a working map example or the code needed to get that example working. His talk had the most working examples that I have ever seen in a conference talk, which was quite an achievement. Overall this was a brilliant talk.