Let your toolchain set you free


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I would slightly disagree that test/devel servers should be set up under ~ as then you can run into problems when deploying. test/devel servers should be as close to live configuration as possible imho.

Not particularly keen on including so many videos that show how to install tools, but I'm a sysadmin/developer hybrid also.

Otherwise good talk. Nice quotes.

A good talk for anyone who has to create new sites on a regular basis, good solid advice about scripting the process, repeatability is key.

I thought the videos were a good idea too, so many live demos can go wrong.

This turned out to be better than I expected. Good overview of tools and approaches. Particualry liked health scripts and taking a broader approach.

Felt the first half of the talk was too basic - everyone in the room should have done all this before. I was hoping for more php specific tools to help with eg programming.
Doccodegen and a few of the other topics covered were useful though.

I think Rob could quite easily have skipped things like showing us the commands to download and install Apache, and then a video of downloading and installing Apache. The talk did pick up with some more interesting things like the demo of Netbeans with XDebug but I fear some indifference had been engendered with the audience by that stage.

Anonymous at 18:35 on 10 Oct 2010

Good talk, from the title I wasn't too sure what to expect and felt there was a little too much detail on installing various tools. But enjoyed the content in general and the tools.

The slides for this talk are available from google code along with the recorded demo files and sample code.

svn checkout http://php-talk.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ php-talk

On reflection I should have been more explicit in the talk summary that I was starting with the basics and building up to better things.