PHP through the eyes of a hoster


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A surprising and entertaining talk produced by an excellent conversationalist. Hope to see more of the talks Thijs alluded toward.

well, I'm biased since Thijs is board member of the PHPBenelux user group, but it always amazes me how he can pick up speed while maintaining relaxed and feeling really comfortable standing in front of a crowd.

He is Keynote material and I'll be supporting him to achieve this goal.

Really good job !

I'm not sure why this was on day 2. The content was rich enough and relevant to every attending delegate and I hope Thijs takes this talk to many conferences. Well delivered and very funny despite the time pressure and an invaluable insight into a world that as devs, we all should know more about.

Excellent presentation style, interesting slides
and absolutely "keynote" potential

A really interesting talk, can't wait to see Thijs (Taze :) ) speak again

working for a hosting provider myself, I could relate a lot with what Thijs was saying, so I really enjoyed this talk and I agree with Eli above, this should have been on the main schedule. I think an invite to PHPNW11 is in order.

I look forward to hearing from Thijs again at a future conference.

Expressed the part that hosting companies have to play in the community very well. The few bits of tech mentioned were interested and will definitely be something I take back to work with me :)

An excellent presentation. While it doesn't directly affect me because I manage my own servers rather than using hosting, it was interesting hearing about the issues facing hosting companies trying to straddle the line between providing for a user's needs, while ensuring that their servers can't be abused (either wittingly or unwittingly)... and seeing some of the methods they employ to prevent "rogue" code from causing problems. Entertaining too.

A really interesting talk presented in a very engaging way.
It's great to hear things from other people's perspectives and this talk was well worthy of a bigger slot on the main conference day.

I really hope to see Thijs talk again soon!

Good talk. What stood out for me is how clear and confident you were in your delivery. I guess having some background in sales helped :)

Look forward to a future talk.

A good talk, and didn't sound rushed considering as mentioned, the talk was designed for longer.

In my previous job I was in part the web admin for a secure shared hosting product (PHP 5.3 even :) ), so a lot of the information I knew, but it was presented well.

This talk was one of the main reasons I stayed on for Sunday as I missed it at DPC. It was excellent and very professionally put together and so good to hear about a broader topic that complements the more 'purely development' type of talks. I will certainly watch out for future talks.