Practical HipHop


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Interesting overview of the Facebook infrastructure and deployment. Scott manages to turn the heckling into interesting discussion, which means that some unexpected stuff turns up. I would have liked to see a bit more of the hands-on stuff though.

A very brief overview of HipHop, and while it looks to be a very powerful tool for improving performance if you have an exceptionally heavy website, it's probably not worthwhile for most sites. However, Scott's presentation was both informative and entertaining, and even though the content was brief it was interesting

Entertaining talk by Scott and the FB crew in the room, though HipHop seems to be a niche product for very big installations. Not PHP 5.3 yet and some extensions not included as not needed by FB of course. The talk was very informative on how hiPHoP converts PHP code into C++ but doesn't seem to apply to real life examples.

Guerilla style talk, lots of heckling and very entertaining.

Scott knows his stuff and was a little bit better prepaired than the previous time I saw this talk.

You can't help but be amused at some point in Scott's talks, and this was no exception! Not only did he outline some of the cool stuff Hiphop does, he also shared some small insights what goes on at Facebook.

Maybe the banter with Sara was too much, but it was very funny, so completely forgiven!