Profile your PHP application and make it fly


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Clear, useful *and* amusing ... great tips that I'll be using immediately.

Some great tips. Definitely need to go over the slides again. Some really good links.

This talk was insightful and a real eye-opener.

A lot of useful information, tips and tools and clear instructions on how to improve any sort of application, not just php if you like.

Excellent talk, just the right level of technical detail without being boring.

Best talk of the conference for me. XHProf is a tool I can use straight away and had no idea existed. Thanks!


Great depth and well presented. Possibly the best talk I saw.

Really interesting talk. Glad that it went beyond using XDebug and xCacheGrind, found the strace stuff particularly interesting.

I really enjoyed this talk. It gave a very useful introduction to strace. Lorenzo demonstrated a great depth of knowledge.