The Journey towards Continuous Integration


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Great presentation. Packed with good stuff. I'll start saving up for a box that can maybe run this stuff.

Great talk and perfect ammo for my ci crusade at work. Bravo.

Really good presentation about the reasons behind and path towards continuous integration, all presented in a really accessible style.

I was expecting something more on CI, useful as an introduction to the CI and automation world but some more information on Sonar and how it can be sold to business people, configured to show tech debts, some real values and tables with comparisons etc would have been appreciated. Well structured but a bit too generic.

Impressive first talk and wasn't even put off by the technical mishaps at the start. The LOTR the link was fun and worked well. Very brave to show the real build-box results and I think it added a lot of credibility and weight to the material.

I would have liked to have more detail of the concepts at the end - distributed builds and so on. It felt like too much time was spent at the start covering the generic introductions to unit testing and so on, which we've all (hopefully) seen before. Still, get all that together and maybe come back next year for part two? :)

Overall enjoyed it. Good as an overview of CI tools and implementation, would have been good to have another presentation afterwards with some of the CI tools in more depth. Liked the LOTR inclusion.

Good talk - sonar is perhaps the missing link I've been looking for. Well presented. Thanks.

Was a very good talk if not just to hear that we are doing the right things with Hudson and PHP Unit. Liked the LOTR jokes (not even a fan of LOTR myself). I definitely need to speak to someone bout buying that Dell server

really enjoyed this talk, presented very well and in way that appealed to everyone in the room.

some great advice on how to get started on our own journey and the toolsets we can use.

have already added into my bookmarks :)

Very enjoyable talk, but like others, would have liked a bit more depth in the areas covered towards the end. Very good tips for actually getting the ball rolling though, especially in convincing others.

An interesting insight into one company's path towards CI. The well thought out material was presented well and kept me interested throughout. I'd love to attend an updated talk in a year or so to hear your experiences with your current setup.

Despite my prejudice against Plusnet after they kept me offline for three weeks, Sebastian's talk was so good I didn't heckle.

Turns out that we've been through almost exactly the same process in how we've gone about setting up Continuous Integration to help us deal with a legacy code base. It was affirming to know that we're on the same path and Sebastian's perspective has helped me clarify how the tools can help us. Sonar in particular looks like the next thing I want to set up to give the wider business a view into our work.

Excellent light hearted presentation style as well. Great work :)