Turbocharge Your PHP With Nginx


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Awesome slides, good content, but sometimes a little bit difficult to understand.

Errazudin should talk a little louder and should put a little bit more effort in pronounciation.

That being said, I got convinced to give Nginx a try.

I agree with Thijs, the presentation was awesome with a perfect mix of text and images to keep the audience focused.

Errazudin, if you work on your pronunciation you'll be speaking on many more conferences to come.

Great introduction to nginx delivered with a good sense of humour. Gave me practical ideas on better ways to fulfil some upcoming requirements. However, the data on server market share (is it still 'market share' for FOSS?) presented was impossible to follow if colourblind - which would have been 10% of the audience. Accessibility isn't just for websites!

Great first talk, well done and I think you should be on the main
conference schedule from now on.

interesting talk, and will definitely be installing it on a box to see how it compares to our usual setup, especially as a streaming server.

I agree with the comments above about the presentation, but that will improve with experience.

Not the easiest presentation to follow, although Errazudin tried his best to make himself understood... all credit to him for his hard work (not to mention travelling helfway round the world to make this presentation). The material was good, and the slides both helpful and entertaining: definitely enough to persuade me to take a look at nginx.

Will definitely try and find the time to try Nginx after this to see what it can do.

I think perhaps there wasn't enough emphasis on precisely what Nginx excels at over Apache, how I can do about configuring PHP or what I need to use instead of mod_rewrite. This would have greatly helped my understand how much work I need to do to use it and how much benefit I'm likely to get, because the difference requests for PHP wasn't exactly night and day and would only likely be worth considering if you're dealing with a lot of requests. Convention is always going to be a strong reason to stick with Apache, so you've got to make a strong argument for nginx.

As others have said, the delivery was a little difficult to understand at times, but I have to give you props for giving a talk in a foreign language and the only way you're going to get better is with practice, so I commend the speaker for his efforts and hope to see him again.

An interesting presentation about something that I haven't had the opportunity to look into yet. It would have been nice to see some benchmarks comparing it to apache with fastCGI though, as well as using some more process heavy pages to run the benchmarks on.
Other than that though it was good, excellent slides.

Have never really looked beyond Apache. I knew nginx existed but I'll think twice when performance is key.

Would be good to revise and cover typical use cases of Apache, i.e. how do you set up virtual hosts, enable url rewriting and ticking those boxes yslow/google page speed complain about.

Really good slides and thanks for travelling down and giving the talk.