Zend Framework: Getting To Grips


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Very useful for newer developers, good pace and well presented!

Some interesting stuff for those new to ZF

Very useful talk, pitching it above beginner level and getting right into some of the components that can often be a secondary consideration. Ryan's use of a live php sandbox was instrumental in providing a perfect way to explain Decorators and also provides this on Github (http://github.com/Bittarman/BeachPHP)

Great relaxed style of delivery - was hugely surprised to find this was Ryan's first presentation of this kind! The use of beachPHP to demonstrate his examples was very effective, and it's great to see someone with the confidence to cut code in front of a live audience.

As a Zend beginner I would have appreciated a broader overview. The talk covered common stumbling blocks in technical detail but I felt more context was required. However, I appreciate the difficulty of fitting so much content into an hour.

I actually ended up in this talk by mistake as I'm a fairly seasoned ZF programmer (but I read the schedule wrong as it was still too early in the morning!). It was well worth attending though to fill in some holes in my knowledge especially about the dreaded form decorators. The sandbox was very impressive and will be something I'll be making use of in the future.

Well delivered talk with some good examples and tips. Now waiting for the videos to come online to watch it again!

I have to admit that I was a little bit lost by the end of it, but it was still an interesting crash course in the dispatch cycle, autoloaders, action helpers, plugins, models and forms in Zend Framework. I also now understand form decorators!