Acceptance & Integration Testing Using Behat


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Great overview of behat and Ben was very knowledgeable on the subject answering questions throughout. Would have been good to see more of the configuration behind what was being run

I appreciated your enthusiasm that was apparent through the delivery of the topic. One small criticism would be the typos - when trying to learn a new subject from examples, such as this one, it's crucial to make sure there's little to none.

Thanks Mike, I totally agree - I'll make sure I correct the mistakes (SQL query and the Given statement). Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

Very good i thought, something i am definately going to read up on
Typos may have given some a little confusion but it was obvious Ben knew what he was talking about
And i think the fact these were noticed at all just means the preceding explanations were clear well done

Really interesting talk as I knew nothing about Behat before attending. This is something I can see me using in the future and Phabric looks very useful too also.

Well presented, always good to learning from others learning and mistakes. Can't help but think most the mistakes came from corporate culture not code testing.

Good overview of the subject, although I would have liked a little on how to integrate this into our CI environment. Lots of interesting tools mentioned, like Gherkin, Sahi and Zombie.js that give me plenty of food for thought to take back to work.

The videos of running the commands were a clever idea, much safer than live demos but achieves the same overall effect.

As said before, typos were a bit of an issue, you might want to search for "confernece" in your slides :)

This is a very good talk. Found interesting and straight forward and exactly what is relevant to the topic. Never got a chance to use behat before but I am very fanatic to use upcoming projects. And I am also looking forward to investigate more about the Phabric. :-D

Really enjoyed the talk - I felt that everything I'd need to know to get started with Behat was covered. Ben's presentation style is good, very easy to listen to, and he clearly has a passion for the subject which made the session engaging.

Well presented engaging talk. I had never encountered Behat before this day, but it looks very useful. Agree with comments above, the videos worked well.

First of all, don't worry about the rating. It was one of the talks that I wanted to hear the most. It inspired me so much that I spent all the time on Sunday playing with Behat instead of listening to the talks really! And then I got it all running at work after 2 days.

Now to the point. VERY INTERESTING talk, but with some major flaws. First of all, a lot of slides were hardly visible, especially at the back. With wider audience it will be really hard to follow the presentation. The videos weren't a good idea either - even harder to see! And yes the typos. It could give an impression you never run it.

But I really liked it anyway. Good stuff!

BDD is rapidly taking its place into the common list of the developers best practices. I recently started to look into the different BDD frameworks out there so the idea of watch the talk describing a real use case popped in mind quite straight forward.
Well presented overview, nothing new about the concept itself but still worth the time spent listening. Now I can add one more to my list and eventually make my choice.

I got lost towards the end in places of implementation but as someone who was more interested in the why than the how this was easily the best talk of the day for me. Ben had great delivery and a well structured talk and was happy to answer questions.

It was good to see how this has been employed within a company to streamline process (or create it's own problems) and that's something that really adds benefits to examples.

Well-explained BDD and the tools around it.

Often the text wasn't legible and many of the examples were wrong, but we got the idea.