Anti-CMS Evolved


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Interesting talk, it's always nice to see "integration" between different tools (such as Wordpress and symfony in this situation). I also liked the site analysis to ensure the site is staying up-to-date. Presented in a very clear way.

I blame the social for making me miss the bit of this talk I was most interested in: the Anti-CMS bit. Well delivered and interesting to see Wordpress being used to manage so much.

While the talk was delivered well, I was somewhat surprised that a talk entitled "Anti-CMS Evolved" was about how a free CMS had been integrated with an existing symphony based website.

Some interesting ideas, delivered well despite what sounded like a nasty cold!

Anonymous at 18:05 on 10 Oct 2011

The title of the talk did not match the content provided. Whilst it was a somewhat interesting talk, it seemed a bit weird to talk about Wordpress and plugins for an 'anti-CMS'. It would in fact seem quite opposite.

This talk didn't really turn out to be what I expected but it was an interesting case study and provided a good insight into the complications of clients managing their own content. It was also nice to see a more advanced application sit over the top of Wordpress, something I'd like to experiment with.

This was an interesting talk, though I didn't expect there to be quite such a focus on wordpress and its plugins, for something entitled "Anti CMS". It's always interesting to hear how others have overcome various problems though, and Mike's an interesting speaker.

Similar to others, didn't feel the concept of the "Anti CMS". Interesting story though, but it was just that, a story.

I found this interesting because I've worked in universities, and recognised many of the problems which the speaker faced. Edgehill may have gotten the technology sorted, but the biggest (unsolved) problem was their users. I'd be interested to know if they manage to get departments to look after their own content.

Interesting on what they needed to build their site - not a full-grown CMS, but something much more simple.

I love how WordPress showed up in the middle of an Anti-CMS talk.

some interesting ideas, well presented, enjoyed it a lot