CLI, the other SAPI


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Entertaining and informative, cheers

Such a great, easy going presentation style with the ability to adlib. Really enjoyed the whole talk. Thanks. Unfortunately I can't think of anything to criticise.

Late afternoon speaking slots can be fraught; even if your audience are awake, attention may be wandering to the post conference social and free booze to come. Not a problem when Thijs is talking! Plenty of humour, back and forth with the audience and live demos helped energize the topic, with Thijs completely unfazed by direct challenges on the topic. Great stuff!

The best presented presentation (slides were cool.) I struggled to see a real world use case for some of the topics covered such as forking and signals, but I'll be looking into that more now that I've been introduced to them :p

This was really cool! Great energy! Was good fun to keep on going between slides and code to prove it :)

Anonymous at 09:15 on 10 Oct 2011

Thisj is a wonderful presenter, the energy in the room was markedly more charged than all of the other talks. One thing I did think though was that energy sometimes got a little frenetic, and the audience felt obliged to talk over Thisj, second guess his examples and undermine him at points which I though unfair.

I have very little experience of building for CLI, or using it from scratch - my experience comes from using others work. This was a wonderful introduction, and glance at advanced usage and techniques. His way of giving examples of code that he hasn't found a use for yet was great to introduce the methods therein, and inspire the audience to find use for it and get their minds working.

An excellent job of running through 'the other SAPI' and charging the audience with inspiration. Really enjoyed it.

Great to see some practical demonstrations and some challenges being taken from the audience.

A great talk taking us through the basics of CLI scripting with PHP to some of the more complex tasks such as process forking.

I'm looking forward to the next talk from Thijs that i get to see

Even if many in the room already knew much of the material, you kept everybody engaged and interested. Thanks for the entertaining, engaging, and interesting talk.

Great talk, interesting content, good examples and well delivered!

I'm going to honest, I didn't learn anything new from this talk, but it was incredibly engaging fun.

I can certainly imagine if I hadn't used CLI before this would have been a great introduction. Very engaging with lots of simple demos that were easy to understand and follow.

The only minor feedback I do have is it would be good to "clear" (CTRL + L) between each live demo so it's at the top of the screen and so we can see it.

Without a doubt the best conference speaker I've seen. Very well presented, good coverage of the topic, and good fun too. Thijs' ability to quickly back-up points with live demos, and quickly test audience suggestions really added to the quality of the talk too.

I didn't really learn anything in this talk, however the talk style was so engaging, fun, made it one of the best talks of the conference.

I'd love to see another talk by Thijs. Loved the style.

The best talk of the conference for me as it was engaging, very useful and entertaining! I'd definitely come to another of your talks.

Most of the stuff in this presentation was stuff I already knew. I do a fair bit from the command line anyway, but I came to see if there was anything I'd missed. Anything I didn't know, or ways I could improve my own working practices. This presentation achieved just that purpose. I learned new insights that I never knew existed, and will certainly help me change and optimise the way I work with the CLI in the future.

Hopefully someone else also learned the importance of opening php tags, even in directly-executable PHP files with a shebang!

Awesome presentation. Thijs put on a great talk, very informative. Highly recommended, and would definately come again.

A really great speaker. Very entertaining and would love to see more talks from Thijs.

Anonymous at 11:54 on 11 Oct 2011

Simply brilliant. Thijs has never ceased to deliver when presenting, and this was no exception.

I'm eagerly awaiting a Thijs keynote.

Not the first Thijs's talk I attended but for sure this is the one I liked the most. First of all I enjoy any "non conventional" use of PHP, when for non conventional I mean something that most of the people out there even don't know PHP is capable to, secondly I loved how Thijs kept the attention of the crowd interacting with it trying on the fly code snippets to prove that what it was saying was true.
I know it might sound like a high praise but yes, if you have the chance, it doesn't matter the topic, attend a talk delivered by him because it's worth it, in the worst scenario you can take out of it some good tips about how to deliver a talk in case you feel like giving yours at some point