Dealing with Difficult People


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Elizabeth is normally a very engaging speaker. This talk was lackluster though, sadly. The talk was originally intended to be one hour long so to fit into the 15 minute slot, she just spoke very fast. That sadly didn't work so well :(

Would like to have seen the full version! I liked the delivery - had me laughing at a few points!

Anonymous at 21:41 on 8 Oct 2011

It's a shame that this talk wasn't re-worked to fit in the time slot, as it would have been nice to go into more detail on a lot of the points. Elizabeth being high on caffeine and sugar seemed to have helped as it meant she could quickly fire through the points, but still ran out of time :(

Too much content too quickly: squuzing an hours content into 15 minutes just doesn work. I'd heard so many good things about Elizabeth's talks that I was looking forward to this: I'm afraid I came away disappointed. I'm sure there were a lot of good points buried here, but the delivery ws just too fast to take anything in.

had me in stitches, considering how much stuff to cover, pretty damn good! Maybe a cutdown version next time?

A pleasure to watch, but it really was too much content for the slot.

Elizabeth's talk was rushed as other people have pointed out, but I'm not so sure it lost too much. But I haven't seen her full talk.

From what was presented in such a short space of time it was obvious that she knew what she was talking about, and I'm sure given time would have been able to expand upon that with examples. I do hope I get to see that longer version.

In a hurry, but still such a good speaker.

Elizabeth is an excellent speaker how i enjoy to listen to pretty much no matter the subject.

That said the actual content was not very focused on dealing with people but actually with describing a set of different personalties typed from one of the many "sorting people in buckets" approaches. This is a good introduction in the subject and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the approach but for a 15 minute presentation a very quick overview of personality types and like link might have sufficed. Leaving some more time for the actual 'dealing with' portion of the talk that started of good but was over before i got anything useful out of it.

Also I'd recommend to checking to everyone interested in the subject ;)

It was an interesting talk and I thought Elizabeth was a great speaker. It was rushed but I think she did a good job of condensing it.

This was an interesting talk, if delivered at warp speed. It would have been better if the content had been reworked for the shorter time slot, not least because Liz might have relaxed a bit more, but I still found it informative and will be looking up more on this subject.

Elizabeth, you're a good speaker, but this was just too much in too little time. Would like to see the full version one day!

Amusing, well-delivered, good speaker, but not particularly useful. Work colleagues were categorised in some interesting ways, but I can't remember much on how to deal with all these difficult people. Be nice to them?