Deploying PHP applications with Phing


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Interesting talk which gave a nice overview of the subject. It would have been good to follow the examples and demos up with common deployment architectures. For example it's common to have different server instances with various stages of the application such as demo, staging, preview and production. It would be nice to get some setup information of Phing in these situations. Thanks.

Anonymous at 14:51 on 8 Oct 2011

Interesting talk and has me wanting to try it out, but seemed to speed through the demos which didn't add much apart from prove the examples given worked.

Solid, and well articulated talk, but could have benefited from a timed run-through in preparation to avoid running out of material in 30 minutes.

Thanks for the feedback - will definitely use the comments to improve this talk!

Slides are available at

A good talk on a very useful tool. I suspect a little bit of nerves was behind speeding though the talk but I don't actually think the delivery was particularly rushed. Slow things down a little and maybe use the remaining time available to show some common configurations or show off some cool tricks for using phing in unexpected ways.

Good introduction to an interesting tool, more time spent on examples might have been beneficial.

I've been meaning to learn more about Phing for a while and this talk gave a good introduction. More detailed examples would have been useful, especially considering there was time available.

The talk was entitled "Deploying with Phing" however it was more of an introduction to phing. Having used phing to deploy projects I was hoping for a better understanding and some tips to improve deployment with phing. With the talk only being 30mins I left having learnt only a little more than I already knew.

Good speaker and I liked the content I just would have loved a more detailed intro into actual deployment of code, gotchas and different approaches. Or call the talk an introduction to using phing for deployment (and other tasks) or something. Perhaps my misunderstanding.