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good talk, nice slides. let's bash everybody responcible for turning your name badge into a math equasion!

Good talk. I was hoping for something a bit more technical and in depth. I felt the talk was more of an introduction to Doctrine 2. If that was the intention then it should be clarified in the title of the talk, i.e. 'Doctrine 2 - An introduction'. The talk started slow and got interesting towards the end. I would have liked it to start half way through. I think the examples and descriptions need fleshing out; they felt a little too improvised. If you could flesh them out a little more with concrete well explained examples it would provide a much more confident feel to the talk. As such the exmaples and descriptions lacked clarity. Thanks for the talk.

Overall I liked this talk. Speaker was well versed on the topic and excited about it which is brilliant.

If I had to pick a negative aspect, I would say the talk lacked direction or perhaps focus. Perhaps if it focused on just a few of the key benefits of Doctrine 2.0 rather than try to list them all. I feel a talk should be like a story with beginning, middle and end. So perhaps the structure could have been

Beginning: Propel and Doctrine 1 - what they gave us and what was missing
Middle: Doctrine 2.0 - why this is awesome and why you should use it
End: Why every app should be using an ORM and why Doctrine is that ORM.

It has made me think again about using D2.0 so from that point it was very successful.

Thank you. Great Talk!!

This was a very interesting overview of Doctrine 2 and has definitely sparked interest to spend time picking it up. However like previous commenters I would have preferred a more technical talk with more practical examples rather than focusing on the negative aspects of Doctrine 1 / Propel. Thanks for your effort!

A good introduction to the world of Doctrine 2, did feel the talk could have gone in to a bit more detail of some the deeper features of doctrine 2. Juozas' speaking style and sense of humor were great, and made the talk more enjoyable.

The talk was well structured and a good introduction to ORMs and Doctrine. I appreciated the coverage of the traditional performance issues. The talk has inspired me to try out the project.

I was very disappointed with this talk - Juozas spent around 20 minutes selling the audience on the benefits of an ORM layer, which I felt was rather 'preaching to the converted'. I was there to learn about Doctrine 2 specifically and it was 20 minutes into the presentation until we touched on the subject.

I felt the talk was light on detail, with too little detail about how to migrate existing applications (in doctrine 1, or another ORM). Not everyone has the luxury of being able to write web applications from scratch for the release of a new library.

Juozas was rushed at the end for time, but clearly has plenty of experience in both Doctrine 1 and 2 - Just a shame that more of that experience wasn't gotten across during the talk.

The talk itself was good though a little lacking in depth about the real changes that come from the Version 2.

Amusing as it was, the repetitive nature of the bad mouthing of the Propel project (no matter how bad Joe thought it was) reduced the enjoyment of the talk as it felt that was more a case of "look at how better we are" rather than showing how it's better.

Slides worked really well with the talk and the flow felt good. but the general feel I left the talk was not why or how I should use Doctrine 2.

I felt like the talk maybe was a little bit too much about ORM when the title is "Doctrine2", I however do understand that to know what Doctrine 2 is you need to know what ORM is, so it's a hard balance. It was really just touching the surface and I was hoping to hear some more in depth about Doctrine2, but all in all if you never used an ORM before you would have loved this talk.

The speaker is very good and speaks with ease about his subject, I really do love that. :)

Agree with some of the other comments, i was there because i have knowledge of Doctrine and wanted to find out about Doctrine 2, as the talk summary suggested 'dive in head first and learn the doctrine way in this workshop' Joe spent too long getting to this for me.

However he was a good speaker and clearly knew his topic well, had an impact as we are looking at doctrine 2 this morning.

Personally I thought this talk was the best of the day, i'm a big fan of ORM, and the Data Mapper pattern and could understand why Juozas needed to explain the fundamentals. But it probably should of only been a short summary, and made better use of the time explaining the advantages for using doctrine 2, and a more detailed comparsion between doctrine v1 and v2.

The talk was given in detail and with passion, and i throughly enjoyed the flow, even the bashes at propel!

Anonymous at 17:55 on 10 Oct 2011

Very good talk. Interesting with a good amount of detail on a variety of topics. Seemed quite comfortable giving a talk with a good sense of humour.
I'd have personally liked a bit more detail but can appreciate that it would have been difficult in the time given.

Good talk, good amount of information. Could have covered more in the time given. Got me excited enough about Doctrine 2 that I'm going to give it ago and try to put something together with it.

I found this talk very useful and appreciated the beginning of the talk on the benefits of using an ORM. It was useful to hear about the previous problems with ORMs and that some of these have been overcome in Doctrine 2.

I've actually enjoyed the extensive introduction on ORM.
What i liked is that Joe presented with enthusiasm and obviously knows his stuff.
This got me inspired to look into Doctrine2 for sure.

Good talk that covered the basics of D2.

I would have probably have named the talk more descriptively (maybe 'Introduction To Doctrine2') as I was hoping for some more advanced tips and tricks.

Also - you ran out of time at the most interesting bits of the talk. I would have loved to hear more about the performance implications of using D2.

Apart from these minor points a good, well delivered talk.

Good talk, really good to see the shift away from ActiveRecord to using DataMapper. For me it would have benefited of the practical use and less on the more theoretical parts at the start as these became clearer after seeing the more practical side.