Git for Subversion users


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Thanks for the talk. It's such a shame you had to fit so much information in such a short time slot. Given the title I was hoping for more information on using git in conjunction with subversion. I also thought the differences between 'svn add' and 'git add' was covered too quickly for what seemed like an important point when transitioning to git. Not knowing git I don't know if that's a true statement. I liked the overall presentation style and slides were appropriate.

Fantastic talk, Really clearly explained the benefits of GIT over SVN.

Such a shame that time wasn't on our side though as I felt a little more time in each subject would have been really helpful, I don't think this was your fault though.

I hope you will given a bigger slot next time.

Learnt some great features of git, as well as inadvertently some older features of svn I was unaware of! I think the structure of the talk would have been better if, for each feature illustrated, the problem it solved was outlined before introducing the feature, rather than the other way round.

Gutted that your talk was cut short as I was looking forward to listening to the subject in full. Thanks for trying though :)

Clear stuff, but definitely needed to be cut down for the half-hour slot.

I've been going through adding my feedback on all the talks I attended at this conference and I think that this one really did suffer from the "great talk, too short a time" problem that seems to keep crop up.

I also however thought that the basing of this was a little too narrow. I've said before that Stefan is a great speaker, but I think the fact he didn't know about how to use git on windows machines let this talk down. Anyone who uses subversion on a linux or mac would I believe have made the switch, or be able to easily make the switch to git. But windows users probably need more guidence, and that part was lacking in this.

His knowledge of other areas was very extensive, but cut short. I've love to see this given at a gentler pace.

Again, a useful talk, but more time should have been allowed - half an hour is not enough to cover the material.

This talk could have been a useful introduction to git workflows, git-specific terminology and advanced git usage for developers comfortable with svn. Unfortunately I found it was actually a simple rehash of the basic tutorials available on the web (svn commit = git commit etc.) combined with (sometimes inaccurate) bashing of svn (e.g. branches are not expensive in svn, they just require a server connection).

While the content of the talk was disappointing I thought Stefan did well as a speaker and coped pretty well with the half-hour time slot. With a little less pro-git bias, more time and more content on advanced git usage I believe this talk could evolve to be well worth a slot on the Saturday.

Continuing on the common theme, good overview but didn't really fit into the time slot.

I need to see this talk again. Shame that it was cut short ! Interesting and consistent all the way.

Anonymous at 18:06 on 10 Oct 2011

Very good talk. I'm only marking it down because it was cut short/material was for a longer presentation.
Seemed the right amount of detail to go into for an hour long talk though!

Great talk, I really needed this information as we are moving from svn to git at the moment and understanding distributed version control is quite a paradigm shift from the subversion model I am used to.

It's a shame that there was 60 minutes of material prepared for a 30 minute slot as I would have LOVED to hear the rest of it. That said, I used what I learned to fork, clone, push and make a pull request for the project :)

Obviously it was a shame about the confusion over time but I would have rather see the full hour talk than a condensed half hour one. I'll certainly be using the slides as a reference when I start to use git and it was good to hear about git-svn and the migration tool as moving away from SVN will take some doing, especially at work.

Title of the talk sums it up perfectly. Great talk for someone who uses subversion and has no practical experience of git. The slides comparing the features of both really worked well.

Only problem was the length. Even another 15 minutes would probably have given Stefan more scope to cover the things that obviously really set git apart.

Good informative talk, shame it had to be cut down for the time slot, I would have liked to have heard more.