Introducing Pyri the new aggregator for Pear


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A great little talk on what could be a very useful project once it's a little more mature.

Jeremy has an inate ability to command audience attention and this makes him a good speaker. However, I felt that this talk dived straight into the detail without much background. I've not really used PEAR before, didn't know anything about PEAR libraries, channels or other aspects that were covered in this talk, and therefore felt a bit left behind.

I don't however feel that this was a problem with the talk, more the time limit.

The talk was slick, seemed well rehearsed and Jeremy was both knowledgable and passionate about the subject.

Jez being jez. Passionate and jazzy. I think it pricked up alot of ears for people who have used Pear packages before, and it lost a few people who don't. I think its due to the constraints of time rather than him.

Could have had slicker slides visually/graphically but the amount of content on each slide was perfect.

The passion Jeremy has for his projects became clear after watching his talk on Pyri. Enjoyed seeing the website in action. The few times i've used Pear in the past, i've encountered pretty much every issue Jeremy proposed as reasons for setting up Pyri, and so the content was engaging.

Good to see an application being given its first public airing. Been great to have seen more of this style of show and tell from the developers shoes.

Communicated well, and the subject of the session looked impressive. Once criticism would be that maybe it would be worth trying to work with the other teams involved in PEAR aggregation, rather than competing with them.

Jeremy was enthusiastic in his delivery, and Pyri looks like a promising project that will hopefully make finding PEAR packages easier. Always nice to be present at a launch.

Interesting talk and project, even for a non-PEAR user. Well presented, enthusiastic, clear & concise.