Maintainable Applications in PHP Using Components


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Great tutorial with a lot of opportunities to hack on code. I loved the fact we got to the point where everybody had set up his own pear server and we started building our own components. Shame we didn't get to the point when we could start interacting between each other components and converting old style components to the new "phix" concept. Wifi was the main drawback and left a few people behind, especially these with windows machines. Saying that everybody was asked to prepare upfront and it was said it all is very flaky on windows machines.

Stu delivered great tutorial with plenty of coding. It was good to be able to play with phix.

In summary:

- tutorial with plenty opportunities of coding
- great concept
- well delivered
- bril handout

- lack of network connectivity made it very difficult to progress

I have to give a full 5 thumbs up to this tutorial. Despite the connectivity issues we got plus being the first class room about the topic Stuart did an awesome job. The tutorial left me very satisfied and with thousand ideas about how to use the fantastic tool which is "Phix". If I have to give an advice just for the sake of it I would recommend Stuart to specify any particular requirements about the dec environment required only because due to the current status of the art windows users might have some problems as it indeed happened. Other than that I cannot say really anything else... I think that so far I never had such a great tutorial session. Well done.

Stu was great. He went through the whole cycle of writing a releasable PHP component and the tools he exposed us to were great.