Many to many: no man is an island


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Very good talk, writing code is only part of being a successful developer. In the age of Agile development methodologies, being able to communicate effectively and work in a team is essential.

Very good confident speaker, enjoyable talk with good points well made. I appreciated the idea of using relevant good practices without feeling the need to stick to a particular ideology. There was an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the room!

Good talk given by a confident speaker. The "wandering about" delivery style was good and bad, I liked the informality of it, but I'm not sure saying some of the talk while facing away from the audience is the best approach.

The overall message was great and one I strongly endorse - participation in communities and open source projects makes you a much better developer. Dovetails nicely with Saturday's keynote.

Engaging talk with great flow. The speaker was worried about his accent, but I had no problems understanding him. Well presented and argued point.

Really inspiring talk. Very engaging too.
I hope it's recorded. Every developer who is not participating in the community need to see this.