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we should have a official drinking game.

I recommend bunny

Pretty much perfect. Good food and drink. Wii was excellent fun. The venue was suited to circulating, so I ended up seeing far more people than usual.

Can't fault it! Met some amazing people, great venue.

Wouldn't change a thing!

Joe Lee: you are on!!!

Loved the social. Shame alot of people left to go other places. Would love for someone else to deal with all the wii's next year (hint) - i might even just relax a little bit ( hehe)

Excellent party. Good fun, nice drinks, good food, Wii with Mario Kart, and most of all: a cool bunch of people. I had lots of fun!

Much better than last year. The food was much improved and the one drink per badge per visit approach to the bar worked extremely well. Really liked that we were not sat along long tables like we were last year.

Great party - nice to be able to sit for a little while after dinner before moving back into the exhibition room for drinks. Shame I couldn't make the most of it before my 10am Sunday talk!

Good food, plenty of seating (although the extra seating behind the curtain between the food serving points wasn't terribly obvious), much longer lasting free bar (which can't have been easy with so many more people!) and no loud music made it easy to catch up with people. Great work!

Couldn't fault it, had a great time, food was really good, bar was free and met some really interesting and fun people :)

1 drink per badge policy and 2 separate bars made this a much better party.

The after party was very good. You only needed to see the look of death on my face to know how much I actually enjoyed it.

The food was great. The two bars made it a lot easier to get served. Once the free bar was over, the pints weren't that expensive either.

My only complaint would be the price of spirits. ~£7.00 for a gin (single) and tonic was ridiculous.

Good call on the cake and Mario Kart too.

Brilliant, had a blast!

One of the best parts of the conference from a discussion perspective. Agreed that International Drinking Rules or something similar should have been applied ;)

Had an awesome time. Really liked that those who felt like chilling out and conversing could move into the very nice bar area.

Having two bars was amazing. Don't think I waited to be served the entire evening. Free bar lasted the perfect amount of time.

One thing I did notice was that a fair few different people were sneaking in and grabbing cake without lanyards at a couple of points...

Very interesting to speak with a lot of interesting people. Really liked the party, mostly for a great oppertunity to socialize.

Great party! Food was not too bad, had good talks with a lot of people and overall great fun!