PHP and Twilio


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Interesting api. Thanks for taking the time to introduce it. Well presented and the live demo worked well !

David Goodwin said it all! Never heard of Twilio till you mention it. Live Demo was awesome.

Good talk. Short, sweet and to the point. Too bad Twilio isn't available in Dutch so I can't use it, but that's not the Michael's fault :)

This is a great example of an uncon-talk. The 15 minutes was just right for presenting the product, and the talk was very informative.

Like RĂ©mon I kinda miss a Dutch and a German option for it though :)

Great talk, exactly the right length for the uncon track. Interesting use of the Twilio API and the live demo was risky, but worked!

Interesting talk. Never knew this existed, but can already see where it might be useful in future. Nice summary, quick, clean and to the point.