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Good overview of the different test tools available for PHP and choosing the right one for the right scenario. Would've been good to see a live example of tests though.

Introduced me to more things beyond phpunit , job done

Anonymous at 08:59 on 10 Oct 2011

Obviously Sebastian is biased, and while I appreciate the good will that goes into demonstrating that 'other frameworks are available' they were cast aside immediately after presenting them. I think perhaps his time would have been better spent giving us a rundown of the tools he would suggest and how to use them; so long as that was accompanied by a disclaimer that they are his preference I think that's fine.

One other point was that perhaps his tone was a little dry, and I didn't feel like he was as interested in his talk as I was.

Overall though, a great insight into the thought process of a chap who's leading the charge on testing in PHP.

Overall, a pretty useful talk, especially the mention of integrating xhprof into your unit tests.

Delivered exactly what I was hoping for with this talk. Sebastian tried very hard not to be too biased towards PHPunit, and presented a great deal of other useful tools for testing along with a brief overview of his findings of them.

I'll certainly be looking at test mutation & Atoum after this talk.

Intersting talk on the different php testing systems available and this prompted me to attend the Behat talk which I am going to investigate in greater detail.

I didn't really get a great deal out of the talk. The content was presented in a very dry manner and I didn't feel there was any passion or interest in the subject matter from Sebastian. On a positive note, I was introduced to a few new tools that I hadn't heard of before, namely Behat and Atoum.

Useful talk, introduced me to a few news tool I wasn't aware of before like Behat, and XHProf integration in PHPUnit.

I think I'd have preferred a little more about XHProf/PHPUnit integration than Atoum, simply because apparently Atoum's examples apparently don't work out of the box and the documentation is in French, so the performance testing stuff I could do with XHProf would have been much more useful than a buggy unit testing framework with no docs in the native language of most of the audience.

The talk was well thought out but presented in a dry manner, and seemed to revolve mostly around alternatives to PHPUnit that had already been decided as inferior. Could have done with a few alternative and maybe more complex examples, and a primer at the beginning giving a 5 min overview of unit testing to newer developers would have been a good touch,

An interesting introduction to a good range of testing tools and methodologies, even though it was biased he did explain this at the start! More examples would've been useful.

A useful overview that attendees will be able to use to get more detail on the areas that particularly interested them.

A good talk on the different testing solutions out there. It was quite biassed towards PHPUnit, although Sebastian admitted this from the start.

I do it was a tad slow and boring, so didn't engage as much as I did other talks.

Sebastian, a great job to compare test frameworks alongside each other, even going beyond the frameworks by looking at the side projects to improve testing and QA. And even though I've read a lot on unit testing, you still managed to introduce me to new things. I humbly thank you for this information.

Enjoyed this one, good to be introduced to new tools in the field by someone with a clear understanding of the problems they're there to fix.

The discussion of the BDD tools may not have done them justice, the speaker didn't convince me of the benefits of incorporating design processes into tests - but then that may have been the point.

With a self-confessed bias towards certain offerings I know I'll need to look into things like BeHat and Atoum myself to make sure I understand where they can/could/should fit into a testing routine, but overall I got alot out of this talk.

A good overview of the tools available. Introduced me to others that I had never encountered before (e.g. Behat, Atoum).

A very informative talk, gave me a good few ideas of the available frameworks that are out there.

It was interesting to see some of the alternatives to phpUnit and how they compare but other than that I didn't get much from this talk. It also wasn't as wide ranging as I was expecting from the title and outline.

Pretty good overview. It's hard to fit enough information about each alternative, so it pretty much just a short introduction and a recommendation.

It would have been nice to see some live examples, get to know a little bit more about various features of each alternative etc.

However, still an interesting session with a lot of useful information.

I don't know what I expected of the talk, but this wasn't it. It took only a few minutes before you lost my attention and somehow you didn't get it back. Too bad because it might have been worth it.

Not quite what was expected. Talk mostly listed the potential testing tools with little discussion rather than providing a set of tools and a workflow that was practical and usable.

Still interesting to see some of the different tools available and some of the benefits/problems with them.

Good introduction to different tools. If you are not expert at testing and knowing the different testing suites out there (but at least have heard of testing and used a suite or two) then this was worth while in my opinion. Again like another commenter this prompted me to visit the Behat session.

Anonymous at 19:12 on 19 Oct 2011

Never attended a talk by Sebastian.

I wasn't personally interested in the alternatives to phpunit, I know that phpunit is the de facto standard. Second part was much better. That was my fault anyway as I was simply expecting something else.

Like the behat part