Pre Conference Social


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The company and the feeling was excellent as always, however as far as bars go it seemed pretty expensive and loud music at a dev conference always feels a bit odd. Minor nitpicking though, had a really good time.

Company = awesome. Nice to see the speakers before their meal and after their meal, although it would be nice for them to just be finished by 8pm.

Location it was top spot BUT I want a private room next year. It was annoying to have people walking through to find the toilets / just walking walking through because they can and gate crashers. It meant that someone had to keep an eye on the wii equipment at all times and just be vigilant about it. And somewhere where the prices ain't so dear.

Music was good in the venue, but too loud. It was cool when we could control the music ourselves ( ie like last year) It might be an idea to look further afield as it gives delegates a chance to walk around Manchester. ( just an idea to note down and see what delegates think. )

I know i rather go for somewhere cheap and private room than close to the hotel. :P

Great venue, great music, decent choice of boozes, plenty of mingling. What more do you need?

Met a lot of nice people, couldn't hear half of what they were saying. Music was just way too loud. I'll rate it 3 only because the people were nice ;)

I actually liked the music, it really was my kind of thing, but it was too loud. When spending time meeting new people it helps to be able to speak without losing my voice! I had a great time chatting to some really cool people, some of which I didn't even see again all weekend, so well worth going :)

I liked the location, but indeed, the music was quite loud. Had a good time there talking to people :)

A nice start to the conference. The DJ was actually better than most nights. Can't beat a bit of Stevie Wonder!

It was a fun and good pre-conf social! Met a lot of people, which is good because it sets the tone for the rest of the conference.
As mentioned before, the music was too loud, but it didn't ruin the night or anything.

Crowd was great, lots of really interesting conversation, and it's always really cool to see everyone informally before the Saturday track day.

Kro's staff service was really good, but the way we had an area situated between both the bar and the restaurant was quite awkward, especially keeping an eye on the Wiis and equipment near the door which kept being unlocked throughout the night... Private room is definitely the way to go if possible.

Music was very loud, albeit pretty good quality. To be expected on a Friday night in a Piccadilly bar.