Social Media Integration


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I got the impression from Matthew's talk that he *really* knows his subject, but also that he didn't go into much details about it. The talk itself was only half an hour and I think that this might have crippled what he would have said.

His explanations were so clear and concise however that there wasn't a need for questions about what he covered, but more generally on the areas surrounding that.

I think that Matthew would be ideally suited to giving an entry level tutorial day on this, and if he isn't doing it he should be.

Matthew seemed to know a fair amount about this topic, however he focused on the wrong things for me. I feel I personally would have got a lot more out of this talk if it was focused more on the marketing benefits of social media integration.

I feel it could be improved by either going deeply into the Facebook twitter APIs, or deeper into the marketing aspects, user profiling etc.

I felt Matthew was really nervous at the start. I agree that it would be better if he would dig into FB and twitter API more. I would find it far more interesting. Also I was surprised that it finished so quickly! Overall, interesting talk and good slides!

I was engaged by this not to demanding presentation, very informative, and thankfully not too technical for a groggy Sunday Morning.