Template-Based DOCX, DOC & PDF Generation with the Zend Framework


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Good stuff. Well presented and nice examples/code.

Very interesting and great work. Finally, PDF generation done simply!!

Anonymous at 21:39 on 8 Oct 2011

An interesting talk - we'd been using Apache FOP for years. This was looking good and was considering looking into it more for a project until it was revealed that all the generation is done on external third-party servers.

Hello ANONYMOUS (08.Oct.2011 at 20:39)

First of all, thank you for your comments.

To clarify: You do not have to use an *external* third-party server. For projects, which process sensitive information, for example medical or financial records, you can license the backend LiveDocx server and install it in your own network.

Hence, the sensitive data would be kept completely in the confines of your network.

Would this be an option for your project?

Jonathan Maron

Jonathan gave a really good presentation on PDF generation, It is about time somebody make a simple abstraction layer to deal with the mundane tasks of working out x and y co-ordinates. I also really like the way you can choose different export formats with a simple function call.

I will be trialing your product with out new billing system in the coming weeks.

I know pdf generation is a pain and it was cool to see how Jonathan and team have solved this problem. It was really cool for him to say where ideas for the solution were found and acknowledge the people.

I really like the look of this product, and eading Jonathan's comment about being able to license the server software to run it inside your own network is very interesting.

Time for some research! :)

Cannot thank Jonathan enough for introducing me to LiveDocx, a fantastic solution to PDF generation which is a problem that plagues so many people...

The presentation was brilliant. Jonathan was enthusiastic, included some very useful code samples and a great summary of key points.