Using URL Design To Create Better Web Sites


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Not very thorough, and pretty short talk. Overall it was okay, but needs some work in my opinion.

Good reminder on the basic building blocks of the web.

An interesting topic, but I felt the talk lacked in the content necessary to keep the audience interested. For many in the room, there wouldn't have been anything new to take away from the talk.

Didn't feel it was the sort of topic that had enough content to sustain it, but I still got some useful ideas fro it.

Useful in that it confirmed my own opinions on the topic, which is always nice, but could have been a little more technical, maybe featuring some code samples or techniques to create pretty URLs.

Fairly good talk. Could have done with more explanation as to the resource oriented nature of HTTP. Could have gone into more detail regarding how to handle more of the tricky URL situations (e.g. search, etc)

This talk didn't go into the detail I'd hoped for, but turned out to be one of the most useful ones for me as the speaker had included lots of real-world examples.
Most notable was how the most readable URLs can become so long that they wrap (and therefore break) in some mail clients, and how some sites worked around this to retain their visitors.

An interesting talk, although a little short. I had hoped for a bit more detail also, and to see other ways people have approached url design, such as url sentences ( Otherwise a decent and well presented talk.

as others have said this talk covered the basics and was a little on the short side, finishing well before the scheduled break. most of us in the room already knew the basics so would have been nice to continue the discussion that started regarding filters in url structures.

Once thing that disappointed me that nobody has mentioned is that the session started while a lot of us were still outside under the impression that the previous session was still going on. It also started before the camera was setup and running so we not only missed the beginning but now cant go back and rewatch it on the video either

Enjoyed it, and same again didn't find it too taxing for a morning after the night before, but I do like a dirty url now and again, lol!