Beyond Design Patterns


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Rick Kuipers at 17:06 on 4 Oct 2014

Interesting take on design patterns, it's definitely an eye opener and I will be approaching design patterns differently after this. Still a little hard to grasp.

Chris Armitage at 17:24 on 4 Oct 2014

Last talk of the day, but the energy was kept high and the audience kept engaged. The new concepts offered were certainly interesting, but it would have benefited greatly from some actual code examples.

I'd like to see how this develops over the coming months.

Interesting concept. You should totally write a book about this stuff!

It's best when you leave a talk inspired to teach yourself more about a topic, and again Anthony delivered a superb enjoyable and educational talk.

Very good talk, gave me something to think about.

Will have one eye on a very interesting take on the future of oop. As with all Anthony's talks, really well delivered.

Great 2nd talk of the weekend from Anthony, I'm burning my Go4 book right now (just kidding)...

Awesome and inspiring talk that every programmer could benefit from hearing ESPECIALLY if they are new in the field and just getting into design patterns, it gives them another viewpoint, IMHO a healthy one.

Only thing maybe is that abstract examples become hard to follow.

Very interesting new ideas and ways of looking at things.

I'd be really keen to read more about the topic, A great talk. Thanks

I'm really glad they video these talks, because this was one that I'll need to watch once a month for a few months to let it sink in. Not that it was too hard/fast/badly delivered (quite the opposite) - but I need to mull it all over for a while, I think.

As others have commented, follow up blogs posts etc. would be very welcome!

Great talk, I learned a lot about breaking down the elements of object interaction and understanding the common combinations used more clearly.

Thinking outside the box about design patterns with examples and enthusiasm. Great!

I'll be reviewing the slides Anthony presented many times in the future I think. Some very interesting thoughts here, a little hard to grasp but that's because of my inadequacy not Anthonys.

This talk really made me take another look at design patterns. Though provoking.

Feel like we got a peek into an ongoing research project about OO in php.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Fantastic and mind blowing talk.

Really refreshing too, to see someone with the depth of knowledge and expertise of Anthony, go (somehwat?) against the stream and present a totally different approach on OOP for solving software problems.

Thinking about the flow of information through an application and about how the different objects communicate with each other makes so much more sense than following whatever "design rules" book to the letter. At least to me it does.
Ask, tell, translate; sounds simple but the way Anthony explained it, it could also just work.

What I also took away from this talk: being a good developer is not about using design patterns all over the place.
For the life of me I've never been able to keep some of those patterns apart, the details that -supposedly- made them different were just beyond me. Or so I thought.

To all of you looking for the book or more about it: Anthony did mention the blog posts that led him to this talk:

I do agree with the guys asking for more (reading material) on the same subject but I'm hoping it won't be (interpreted as) a new rule book ;-)

A really interesting talk filled with a number of abstract concepts. I think it could have benefited from additional time, but it raised some good points regarding design patterns that we adopt without real thought given to the problems we're trying to solve. Perhaps another blog series?

An enjoyable talk, which highlighted some of the issues of design patterns. I have struggled to remember all the differences between some design patterns and this has made me realise why exactly. Will definitely have to watch the video again for this talk!