Bumping Our Stack to PHP 5.5


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Chris Armitage at 09:54 on 5 Oct 2014

Never easy having the Hangover Slot, but the talk was great. Nice to see the "tell you what I'll tell you, tell you, tell you what I told you" structure in use.

Jokes and humour were well distributed to keep the audience going, and the content was clearly delivered (and filled almost two pages of my notes).

Hope to see more talks in the future.

Really good talk for the hangover shift.

Glad the talk covered mistakes made instead of just this worked for us.

Great talk about the experiences upgrading to PHP 5.5. I'm not sure we will hit a lot of the problems mentioned, but great to understand the general process you went through.

Tim Swann at 21:43 on 13 Oct 2014

very entertaining talk for an early Sunday morning. Glen has a greta style and presence and would be suited to a bigger room.
As for the team at SkyBet, what can I say except they've obviously got nerve to plough ahead when machines are dropping out. I'd have bottled it and rolled back.

Good work Glen, very detailed and lots of practical advice.