Integrating skillsets


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Looking at the grunt-magic. Separation of concerns in a different level - in terms of different skill sets. Very clean. Would like to find out more info on how the integration works. Maybe in a talk at @PHPem..? :)

Great, especially given limited preparation time.

Considering this was a talk on the unconf track, thrown together in the small hours the night before I think we need to be a little forgiving.

Ben was clearly nervous, so I wouldn't want to let any lapses in presentation affect a review of this talk.

The subject matter was interesting. Interesting!

Antonios already stole my thoughts: Seperation of concerns applied to people. Allowing people to do their jobs without having to worry about stepping on toes, or breaking the work of others. Streamlining peoples workflows by removing the tedious and technical challenges of integrating work produced by different teams through automation.

Ben, I'd love to see this worked on and evolved into a full talk, with more examples of how you put this into practice in your company.