Introduction to Docker


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Martyn Ranyard at 15:29 on 3 Oct 2014

First half hour of session was trying to install the prerequisites.
I wasn't told and simply cannot accommodate a random 8gb space on my ssd.
I had to give up after half an hour whilst I had already missed a lot of the talk.
Asking the group if they were ready having provided two USB sticks which everyone had to copy from might have been a good idea.
Felt like there was no point being there.
In the first hour there was no need for laptop as every command he asked us to type he ran on his machine connected to the projector anyway!
Even for the next half hour when he said he wasn't going to run it on the projector, he still did!
would have been easier to run registry on the local WiFi making the local machine requirements far less arduous.
Mapping a port would be clearer if using different ports.

Great talk, really opened my eyes to what is possible with Docker.

The speaker managed to get everyone in the room through setting up, getting a few containers running and then even using some tertiary tools like Fugu to manage the building of containers - pretty impressive given the time available.

I will certainly be taking some of these ideas and technologies and putting them to work. Thanks :)

Anonymous at 17:24 on 3 Oct 2014

Docker looks really interesting and after this workshop I'm eager to play more with it and built environments to test in it.

Thanks @Martyn for your feedback. A few points in response:

- Some setup is required for every workshop, especially DevOps workshops. Setup was actually quite fast compared to the average.

- The question if everybody was ready was asked several times, along with stating clearly that not speaking up would lead to problems later on. Twenty other people in the room seemed to not have any problems. Did you speak up and did I ignore you? If so, sorry for this.

- Using the local WIFI for a Debian repository is not an option. The thing that regularly breaks down at conferences are the local WIFI routers (because of overload), NOT the internet connection itself. So the local repository was a conscious choice.

- Attending a DevOps talk with less than 8GB on your hard drive might not be a very good idea. Space requirements for the archive alone (leave alone the running boxes!) were clear in the preparation instructions that you have received beforehand.

A great eye opener into the potential of docker. Provides a solid starting place for complete newbies like me. Some paper notes to supplement the tutorial would be very useful could even add more theory and useful links into the notes.

Good workshop. I went into it knowing almost nothing about Docker and went out with pretty good understanding on what it can do and some basic skills in setup etc. I'm now prepared to explore subject on my own and thus goal was achieved. Thanks.

Great introduction to docker, eager to try it on my own! Everything went smooth on my machine.

Andreas put loads of effort into the prep for this tutorial, so it went really well. Made such a big difference, not having to download and setup systems to do the tutorial.

The tutorial itself was very informative and paced at the right speed. Lots of people asked questions and they were all answered well.

Andreas gave a great insight in the possibilities of using Docker and provided a good start to use it myself.

You managed to provide sound use cases for docker - I could of spent a whole day learning about all of the other features and use cases for docker.

Thanks Andreas for putting the effort into providing the services box which provided the docker+ubuntu repositories so we didn't have to rely on the wifi.

Docker is fantastic, and this workshop gave me the information I needed to get me over the initial hump, and now I feel ready to take on the rest of Docker. In a three hour workshop on a new technology, I don't think it could done much more.

Thank you very much.

Paul Court at 16:59 on 5 Oct 2014

A nice introduction which covered enough of the basics to get a feel for how docker works.

It might be an improvement to see if you can shorten the slides and make a little bit more room for the hands on stuff. Although I do realise there's an awful lot to cover in a 1/2 day session.

Great introduction to docker.

I thought this tutorial was excellent. Andreas had all of the resources and software pre-prepared, and I didn't encounter any issues in copying from one of the available USB sticks and getting set up.
The tutorial seemed to flow well, from each example to the next, and overall I felt it was a good introduction into the world of Docker and LXCs.

Loads of great content and tonnes of preparation done by Andreas.

Covered a lot about using docker, felt I was missing a bit on how I would have started from scratch as everything was setup, but that would have probably taken the whole afternoon, so made sense once up and running.

Only constructive feedback I'd give was when working through the examples Andreas started to show the solution, as the output from the commands was quite lengthy I got lost unsure what the next steps in the exercise was and what command he had just run. Think a short handout/pdf for the exercises would have really helped.

Other than that is was a really good session and learnt a tonne.