Making Kanban Work For You


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Martyn Ranyard at 12:47 on 4 Oct 2014

Great talk, really useful tips for people just starting out.

Rick Kuipers at 14:13 on 4 Oct 2014

Very fun and interesting talk. Kanban is definitely an interesting concept, I'm glad I got introduced to it for future use.

Gem Hill at 16:23 on 4 Oct 2014

Fantastic talk, Jez is funny and engaging. Learned a lot!

This was a really fun talk, Jez has a genuine and funny style that's a pleasure to watch. The talk content was very informative and left me with no questions, just a desire to improve the Kanban approach on my current project.

This was a great talk. Not only did I really enjoy Jez's presentational style (reminded me of Dave Gorman), but I got a lot more from it than I was expecting. It helped convince me that my plan to ditch Scrum in my team and have a go with Kanban instead is a sound one.

Fun and entertaining. The content was quite good as well, but would have liked to see as bit more about how limiting work in progress helps spotting bottlenecks, which is an important part of Kanban.

Excellent presentation from a confident speaker.

Great talk, I like your humour in the presentation and style. Great tips for starting out, or current users.

Really great presentation that sparked a lot of talk with a colegue about the refinements we need to make; and funny too.

Anonymous at 07:56 on 6 Oct 2014

I really liked this talk as it perfectly matches my current situation at customer's project. You gave me some good pointers on how to manage the Kanban board. Good job!

Really good talk, lots to take back to the office and discuss. I loved the style, very engaging and plenty of real world examples.

I'm always interested in process talks like this, I've been using Kanban in anger for almost 12 months now, after several attempts in the past.

It was good to see how we do things validated by another talk.

One thing I would have added were I giving the talk is that Kanban is as much a change tool as it is a project management tool. It highlights in a very real way where the problems are in your project, eg if your QA column is constantly empty, or the ready to deploy is constantly full. You see it quickly and can see the results of any changes just as quickly.

We've also put a lot of effort into simplyfying our board, reducing the number of columns so that the board is easy to keep up to date.

Excellent content, presented very clearly by a practiced and enthusiastic speaker. Great insights sprinkled throughout, and I especially enjoyed the slide about the practical usage of physical post-its!

I loved this talk. I have read about Kanban before, but this talk really brought it to lift. The speaker was entertaining and kept the audiences attention throughout. He knew his subject well and answered the questions with ease. It is also one of (at least!) there talks that included a slide with a kitten - do you know what the others? Answers on a postcard

I really enjoyed this talk.
Some great advice and easy to implement ideas and tips. We have already taken some of the things mentioned on board!
Came out of this talk with a great few things to think about and put into action - a sign of a great talk.

Jez provided a really good talk on Kanban and rather than being a dry demo of whiteboards and post-its, he delivered a funny and engaging presentation.

We've played around with a form of kanban ourselves but never with any real guide to doing it right. Jez's talk opened my eyes to how we can get better, what we've done wrong and tips from this talk will hopefully make us better at what we're doing.

Great talk with tips for people new to Kanban and how to get around issues.

Great talk, great style and funny, learnt a thing or two too.