Testing with Codeception


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Anonymous at 16:28 on 3 Oct 2014

Essential for every software engineer (web dev). Very professional workshop. You get a virtual box at the beginning with ready made platform for your exercises. I've learned a lot about testing.

Well prepared tutorial. The ready-made VM really enabled us to look at codeception rather than having to spend a lot of time on trying to get things like Selenium running.

Excellent preparation by Jeremy for this tutorial, VM was packaged up with everything we needed, even a chrome session!

Talk section was well presented and structured. It did however go into some of the more advanced features before we had even looked at the basics from a practical point of view. I'm not sure how possible it is with this tutorial but mixing the practical in with the talk and doing a bit of one then the other would have helped my understanding better because of the way I learn best (I realise that differs from person to person)

I didn't really understand the practical when we got to it. There wasn't a specific goal to work towards with the tasks other than generally writing some tests and seeing them work. As a more junior developer I could have used a little more hand holding from the practical instructions.

As a talk I give it a 5, but as a tutorial I'm afraid I give it a 3.

Good talk about Codeception and what it can do, though I do agree with the comment above slightly: sometimes it did feel more like a (very good) 'Saturday' talk explaining and justifying Codeception. At one point I did wonder if it was too good to be true having not managed to get a test running at that stage; once I had it running in the second half of the session and could play about with it things made more sense.

Still a great tutorial, would be even better if it was mixed in with the talk a bit more in the first half. The instructions in the readme could have a been a little clearer in places too, but that didn't matter so much as Jeremy was very helpful.

As mentioned above, the ready-made VM helped a lot; would have been even better if I could have got hold of it a few days before to get it all ready, but that's probably just me (I'm fairly new to Vagrant, not that it's difficult).

Well prepared talk the VM really helped everyone get setup really quickly the only down side to the talk was the venue wifi stalling progress slightly