The Action-Domain-Responder Design Pattern


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Chris Armitage at 12:11 on 5 Oct 2014

Firstly, even though English wasn't the speakers native language, there was no problem getting the points across. The presentation was a little monotonous in places, but this will no doubt develop naturally with more experience.

It's always difficult to talk about a new technology, but the key points were presented giving a good overview without getting too in-depth and losing the audience.

Timing was a little off (ran short) but again, this week develop with further talks and experience.

Talk was too short and didn't show enough examples to get the pattern across.

I really enjoyed this talk. The speaker spoke fairly slowly (English not being his native language) but explained his points clearly with good vocabulary. As others have mentioned it ran a little short but that wasn't a problem for me. A slightly deeper look into the code to look at some more complex situations would have been nice.

The content of the talk was interesting and gave me a lot to think about, but sadly there simply wasn't enough of it to last long enough. It could have benefited from more examples and an elaboration on how some common problems would work with such a design pattern (as indicated by a couple of questions at the end being of the form "how would this pattern handle so-and-so"). The slides containing the code could have benefited from having the parts being talked about highlighted in some fashion.

The presentation style was clear and though it was given at a reasonably slow pace, it didn't feel as though it dragged on. Overall, not a bad presentation from an inexperienced speaker!

Clearly presented, got the rationale and idea across well.

As some of the questions showed, I think it would have been good to show a fuller example, indicating where routing, forms, authorisation, etc. etc. could all fit in.

Thinking afterwards, I'm slightly concerned that the Responder might need to know about the Request (to send the right content type or whatever)... it seems that that'd be too much for the Responder.

It'd also be interesting to dicuss some of the downsides to this approach, or where it might not be appropriate to use.

Definitely interesting subject. This is quite new pattern and there was not many examples of the pattern in action. Speaker did know the pattern, but there were moments with no enthusiasm about Action-Domain-Responder

It covered the ADR pattern - but could have used more examples and a bit more depth on how it could be used.

Seeing MVC presented how it was and showing the difference between MVC and ADR was great though.

Lacked some enthusiasm it seemed though.

Great first talk maybe a little slow in places.

Action Domain Responder is definitely a pattern which makes more sense to me than the MVC approach

I found Tobias to be a very clear, concise presenter. It was easy for me to follow what was being presented and the examples were simple yet effective.

The content kept my concentration unlike some of the other talks.

A little short, but that's acceptable given that it was his first talk, it's just a learning curve that I'm sure he will address next time.