The Modern Developer Toolbox


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Lots of tools mentions. nice to know that I'm on the right track.

Very nice overview of tools to assist in development.

Lots of ideas for increasing my development tools (already use VMs, Vagrant, PHPStorm - on a Linux laptop :D ) - the monitoring and logging sections have given me thoughts on perhaps replacing NewRelic in our live environment: quite well presented and nice longs lists (thanks for uploading the slides, no way would I have managed to note everything!).

Might have just been worth mention some "gotchas" - such as Virtual Document Roots need a small "patch" to fix DOCUMENT_ROOT and you will need to set DNS (I have *.localdomain setup using dnsmasq ) and additional tools (such as the Vagrant public cloud allowing third parties to review running sites on your machine).

Great talk filled with examples and snippet of useful commands. Really liked the comparison between Docker and Vagrant. Definitely makes me want to look into automating my development setup. Thank you for such a great session!

When I look back at the abstract, I was quite disappointed with this talk.

I fully agree with the need to keep production and development as close as possible, but I feel this was undermined right at the start by saying that and then immediately saying you should use a Mac. Macs are great, I use one, but no one uses Macs in production, and it seemed like that should transition into a discussion of using Vagrant to replicate production.

Instead, there was a lot of talk about tools to help automate installation of things on a Mac, which again, I was really interested in because I manage a team of 14 developers with 11 Macs between them, but there was no mention of how to actually automate these things, other than a single slide that showed an ansible command to run to configure the Mac, with no further explanation of it. That was the key bit of the whole talk for me. I want to know more about that.

As far as I recall, there was no mention of deployment with Capistrano, Capifony and friends either.

In the end it was just a list of useful things to go and look up later, but I feel the talk missed opportunities by not emphasising key points like "This is what you use to actually automate your Mac setup".

I was a little disappointed with this talk, starting by saying step one in setting up a dev environment is to get a mac always puts me on the back foot. step one should be get a machine you feel comfortable using.

I have a Windows machine at work as thats what I was given and I have all the main tools covered installed locally that work just as well as on my laptop running fedora. felt like a quick windows bashing to get a cheap laugh :/

I was hoping for a bit more on Vagrant and Ansible but as a quick overview of the tools we should be using in daily development this talk covered them all and a few good suggestions at the end I hadnt considered like monitoring logs across multiple servers.

Great talk to introduce a lot of tools to consider using during development. There were a number here that have now made it on to my list of things which I need to try out.

At times this talk did just feel like a long list, although for most of the tools, they could probably do with a talk just to themselves!

Hmmm, I'm afraid there was just too much stuff packed into the time and for me didn't do any one thing real justice.

Which is a shame because Pablo clearly knows his stuff.

Perhaps trimming down and going into more detail on fewer topics would be a something to consider ?