This Code Review Talk is Excellent but...


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A good talk of the subject. Things to take care of is: don't have your mouse pointer in the middle of the screen ;-)

Rick Kuipers at 14:38 on 4 Oct 2014

Good talk although i would've liked to see more enthusiasm instead of dictating your slides and dictionary like definitions. Perhaps a different structure or approach of sharing the knowledge.

The talk really shines at the end: the tips it gives to do a better code review communication are really good.
The first part of the talk it's good and explain quite well the code review concept.

Martyn Ranyard at 15:07 on 4 Oct 2014

Not a bad talk, a little too much of the content was already on the slides which is a style that doesn't work for me.

It would of been great to see you move around the stage a bit and engage with the audience a bit more. Thanks Mo for a good insight into the pros and cons of code review.

Liked the subject and especially the part which emphasized the usage of appropriate tools that allow for reviewing as closely to the code as possible.

Agree with the commenter who pointed out that less text on the slides and more movement on stage would be a win - but I'm also aware that giving a talk is hard.

Good talk and ideas - especially in regarding avoiding personalisation of reviews. However, I would have liked less "reading from slides" style - although it was nice to see a fellow Ubuntu user ;)

Good overview of the value of code reviews, and valuable tips about ensuring that they go smoothly. The presentation was a little dry and the reading of slides is not a good style, but the content was so interesting that I still felt engaged.

I would have to agree with some of the other reviews in that there was too much content on the slides. The content itself was useful and well structured. I would loved to have heard some more real world examples and anecdotes.

I agree with what everyone's said about the reading bullet points from the slides thing, Davey's trick of having the bullet points in there but not reading from them & skipping them largely, but they're still there for when people view the slides online later is a trick I'm going to pick up myself & would have really helped this talk too.

Content wise I thought it was spot on, code reviews are not a gateway to production or a barrier that has to be negotiated, they're an opportunity to learn, for the reviewer as well as the reviewee so thinking hard about how you provide feedback is a must.

Great and interesting content. We've been doing code reviews for a while in work, but this talk has given me some good ideas to improve on the process.

As a fan of code reviews I was happy to see a talk about the subject :) While I didn't really learn anything new, it was a good reminder on what to do during code reviews such as not being too aggressive and not using personal language. Code review is a difficult subject to make interesting but I thought it was a decent talk overall.

Tim Swann at 21:39 on 13 Oct 2014

really enjoyable talk full of very helpful tips to improve code without damaging moral.