Two > One: Modernising Magento for 2015 & Beyond


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Interesting talk on the future of Magento. Ben is clearly passionate on Magento, and the future of Magento looks good. Looking forwead to keeping in touch!

Slides need a bit of work since some of the code screenshots were unclear but the slides overall worked well to keep the talk focused and running well!

Finally got to see "live" the man who's training videos started my certification journey, and was not disappointed, Ben is a top speaker and definitely knows his way around Magento.

Looking forward to see how M2 evolves!

I went along knowing little about Magento, really as a "should I just wait until v2?" before getting into it. The talk didn't require a lot of prerequisite knowledge and explained the roadmap well.

Good talk, kept everyone engaged. Ben is approachable for questions in and out of the talk.

Good insight into Magento 2 and assurance that work is being done for the future.

The talk itself was highly accessible, even for novices such as myself. Ben was clearly comfortable in front of the room, and the relaxed nature of the talk helped convey the content of the presentation. I came out inspired to look into Magento much more in the future.