What RabbitMQ Can Do For You


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David Goodwin at 11:12 on 4 Oct 2014

Thanks for a whirlwind overview. I've only used gearman in the past and the exchange features look interesting.

Nice overview. Good and clear explanations :)

Great session, simple and informative would really like to see a longer session in the future.

Not enough rabbits. B-. Must try harder....

All joking aside James is a great speaker and the talk was really interesting. I would love to see the full talk as it was obviously cut down to fit the unconf format. Despite the edits James gave a really good introduction in to what you could/would use RabbitMQ for, why you would want to, and some of the tools to get it into your project

Super introduction in the messaging middleware, thanks James!

Great introduction to the subject AND you provided a Vagrant box to play around with. Wish everyone did this!


Great presentation considering you were first on.

Good overview, would like to see a longer version with examples.