You don't need to be a Ninja Rockstar to contribute to Open Source


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Lewis Wright at 17:25 on 5 Oct 2014

Good talk, shame it got cut short. Slides were a little hard to read but the subject of the talk was really apt and should be encouraged more.

As above, shame it got cut short, as I don't think we got on to the 'How' which is why I went (I imagine most of us already agree on the 'Why'). Having just looked at the slides Mark didn't get to it looks like there'd have been some expansion on how to get started, perhaps general open-source etiquette etc which would have been good.

We need more talks like these more often.
Shame it was cut short. We crammed too many uncon talks in such short time span.
We will need to make sure you have more time if you like to do it again at #PHPEM14