DEPTRAC: Keep your architecture clean


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Michelangelo van Dam at 17:05 on 1 Oct 2016

Good session, great delivery. No remarks.

Jeroen de Jong at 17:09 on 1 Oct 2016

This tool looks really interesting. Will try it out on some of my projects next week!

Tobias Gies at 17:13 on 1 Oct 2016

Great session, very interesting project! I felt that the examples could have been a bit clearer on what causes deptrac's checks to fail, and how to define exceptions. Otherwise, very good!

Derek Kaye at 15:57 on 2 Oct 2016

Interesting talk about a new tool that I'll have to check out. Could have done with more information at the start about how to configure it and then how must to resolve any issues.
With regards to the optional dependencies, could you do something like PHPMD's @SuppressWarnings?

Martin Gill at 10:09 on 3 Oct 2016

Good talk, ill have to look into the project.