Dip Your Toes in the Sea of Security


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Ashley Pinner at 11:29 on 2 Oct 2016

Security is a very large topic and James tried to cover quite a bit of it. A talk bustling with information, sadly constrained by a 50 minute time slot. Despite this, it contains useful advice, even if you think you know everything about security.

Calum Bulmer at 11:30 on 2 Oct 2016

I found this talk really useful and informative. It was well delivered and gave a good overview of how essential coding securely is as well as covering other attack vectors to the stack in general and ways to help avoid them.

The information on the Timing attack really interesting and it has opened my eyes to a whole other set of potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

An enjoyable, well delivered talk with great content. From a conference perspective I was a little disappointed that much of the talk was given up to the OWASP top 10 (which had a talk on the previous day). Some good take homes as well, and things that I need to think more about in my projects.

Chris Emerson at 15:45 on 2 Oct 2016

Covers a lot of well known security issues and techniques, but there's no such thing as being reminded about this kind of stuff too often. James clearly knows his stuff and the talk fits a lot of good advice in, boiling down the essentials into some key points.