From Doctor to Coder: A Whole New World?


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Ciaran McNulty at 17:07 on 1 Oct 2016

Fantastic talk. Covered lots of related areas in culture, learning, motivation with the right mixture of humour, anecdote and facts.

Please do this sort of talk at many more conferences.

Jerry Verhoef at 17:11 on 1 Oct 2016

Very nice and inspiring talk. Making me proud to be a coder. Next year keynote speaker?

Wow! Surely the best talk of the first day. A very good talk about the differences and similarities between the medical and academia world and the tech industry. Especially the part about self reflection has a personal impact. I've made some new items in my TODO-list of things to research and read up on. Thank you.

On a more speaker-technical note: Well done! A very impressive first talk at a major conference. Very clear, very understandable, and the way you recovered after the technical issues with the microphone was impressive. Very well done!

John Cleary at 17:40 on 1 Oct 2016

Great talk, excellent delivery. Really useful insight into how the tech world can look from the outside.

Fantastic talk, entertaining and motivating from start to end.

Having seen it before in a sneak-peek, I must say that it has improved even more! This is a must-see talk for anybody in tech and a must-have talk for many conferences, within or outside of PHP.
5/5 Would see again, if only for being reminded of the good points Aisha makes we can still improve as community.

Gareth Ellis at 20:16 on 1 Oct 2016

Great content and delivered in a really engaging way. Thanks!

Rich Sage at 14:24 on 2 Oct 2016

Aisha's presentation was superb - even more so for being her first! Totally engaging from the start, and really refreshing to hear a "from the outside" talk as she spoke about her experience getting into the tech industry. Often it's easy to forget about some of these items on your own journey but Aisha brought these totally to the fore. Superb!

This talk was fantastic. It was both interesting to learn of your journey and also seeing what we could learn from the world of academia and medicine. I thought the talk was also very pragmatic and honest about the jump and I found this really refreshing. Finishing off with some of the things you thought were ugly/amusing/worrying about tech too was a tremendously amusing finish.

A really interesting talk with useful things to take away and consider, tools to use for communication and self-reflection/improvement and presented by a great speaker.

As previously noted, on a speaker-technical note, the slides were clear, the talk was well paced and it was well littered with appropriate drops of humour. Recovery from the microphone technical issues was also very professional, especially then having to handle dealing with a handheld microphone for the rest of the talk which can be annoying.

Aisha's first talk at a conference might as well have been her Nth, she looked really comfortable delivering it.

There is always something to learn from other people's journeys, but with this talk you just feel it comes straight
from the heart. Amazing stuff, and a must see. I always try to come up with some tip I feel would make a talk/speaker better, but in this case - knowing that Aisha isn't sure she wants to continue speaking - all I can say is: please keep doing more of what you did, it was magic!

Excellently composed talk; really well balanced and I do enjoy it when you can tell that a lot of thought went into it.
Flawless delivery; you sound like you've been doing it for years. Even coping with the mike you took into your stride.
Beautiful slides that were really supporting the message which in itself I've not seen told in the clear manner in the PHP community before. An important story to be told as far as I'm concerned.
Highlight of Day 1 for me.

Funny and inspiring, it was very easy to relate to the speaker and she came across as very genuine. Also, she was very well paced and had quite a few comical moments in the talk. great speaker!