Graylogging to the Beat! - Take control of your logs


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Ryan at 17:12 on 1 Oct 2016

Clear speaker and good overview of content.

David Wylie at 17:41 on 1 Oct 2016

Nice talk and demo

Gareth Ellis at 20:13 on 1 Oct 2016

Very interesting topic, good demo and plenty of useful take-away information. And all delivered in an entertaining and engaging way.

I already use Graylog and I'm very much in love with it, so I did not expect to learn much. But I feel that
there was a lot left unsaid that is exactly what makes Graylog a good solid product. I would certainly add
the alerting setup to the talk itself, especially since it seemed to fall a little short in time.
The demo did not add much to anyone's knowledge of the product I think, just high risk for little benefit.

David Roff at 13:43 on 5 Oct 2016

Talk was well put across and gave a good idea of what could be achieved for little upfront setup time, would have liked to delve into the alerts and other areas a bit more, but has given me enough to download and learn graylog.

Sure PHP Boycott has learned that when your done, offer questions then wrap up, don't always have to fill the time to the dot :)