Kicking off with Zend Expressive and Doctrine ORM


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Ciaran McNulty at 17:05 on 1 Oct 2016

An interesting contrast to the Slim talk, will be checking out expressive

Rich Sage at 14:22 on 2 Oct 2016

I came to the talk expecting a real from-the-start introduction to Expressive from someone who hasn't used anything Zend Framework-related for a number of years. The talk started out well, but there were IMHO too many references to Rob Allen's Slim talk earlier in the day which I hadn't attended, and it made me feel like I'd missed out on maybe something crucial. Following the introduction of what the various components were, what middleware was and a bit of example Expressive code, the talk went into the integration of Doctrine and all of a sudden there were lots of Zend-related items that I had no clue about (ConfigProviders? Stuff with Zend Form?). I think either there was too much in this talk, or it should be reframed as a talk for those who have already got some Zend Framework experience and that stuff can be glossed out. But James's speaking style is very easy to listen to and I definitely took some interesting bits away :)

Interesting talk, I haven't looked at Middleware frameworks so this was a good introduction to them for me, not really sure that was the point of the talk however.

I have to agree with Rich Sages comment: I found the talk easy to listen to and I got a better understanding of the Expressive Stack but I also felt I had missed a bit all of a sudden. For me it was for instance unclear why you were using an (unknown to me) doctrine-orm-module in stead of just the doctrine/orm package and configuring that to go a long with Expressive (which is probably exactly what the module does?).