Level Up Your Team


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Aaron Wardle at 11:11 on 2 Oct 2016

Great talk this morning, we will certainly be interesting some of these ideas in our business

Martin Bean at 11:45 on 2 Oct 2016

Good talk. Was hoping for more anecdotal examples of managing a team but the tips given were helpful in themselves too.

Derek Kaye at 16:06 on 2 Oct 2016

Good talk with lots of interesting ideas. Could have done with more time in the talk about selling this both to your manager and to other team members. This was partly covered in the questions but should have been in the main talk.

Aisha Sie at 21:09 on 3 Oct 2016

This was a wonderful companion talk to the previous topic (in the same track) of Imposter Syndrome, since you gave very practical advice how to build up the supportive environment that enables (yes, love that word!) individual developers to grow and become their very best. I do agree with other comments that the talk would be even better if you include tips on how to convince your manager/etc that it's a good investment. However, that was the only thing I was missing and you seemed to know the answer in Q&A: it really wouldn't take much to add and make this talk a full 5 stars for the next round!

Chris Seaton at 06:29 on 4 Oct 2016

Another great talk from Stefan - covering a large range of options for improving teams. Only real suggestion would be to look at touching on how to manage de-motivated individuals more (although this may be outside the scope of the talk, as there wa plenty of content)