Modelling by Example


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A very nice tutorial covering the theory behind BDD and working through it using "Example Mapping" with post-it notes.

I liked how everything fitted together in terms of workflow from user requirements to using DDD.

Although I liked putting things together in TDD with PhpSpec and Behat, found that could have used a bit more time for that part.

Ciaran gave a brilliant session. Everything made sense. He led us step by step through the processes and didn't hesitate answering any questions fired at him during the session.

Implementing Behat and PhpSpec seems like a big task for someone with my background but it seems worth it.

Gareth Ellis at 20:09 on 1 Oct 2016

This was an excellent session covering the fundamentals of BDD and a great introduction to Behat.

Chris Seaton at 06:23 on 4 Oct 2016

My first real exposure to Behat at a practical level, and it was well delivered. It certainly clarified how we go from a scenario through to writing the tests. Ciaran was on hand to solve any issues I hand, although I wish we'd had a little more time on the practical side of things.